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  • I Am Thinking Of You

    Directed by Elizabeth Wijaya & Lai Weijie
    Written by Elizabeth Wijaya & Lai Weijie
    Country of production: Singapore/Malaysia
    Production Company: 13 Little Pictures, E&W Films
    Format: HD
    Genre: Horror
    Estimated Running Time: 120 min
    Status: Development


    On the eve of Marina Bay Sands’ opening, a woman returns to Singapore to revisit a childhood love that was never fulfilled. Meanwhile, off the coast of Singapore, a man finds himself working on an offshore rig alongside his long-lost biological father. The invisible navigate themselves through the new Singapore landscape, bound by the past and their memories of their old friend Nigel who has gone missing.

    Director’s Statement

    For a decade, from the time Elizabeth was 6, she was part of the daily exodus of students, workers and lifestock, commuting from Malaysia to Singapore. The long travelling hours, at first on the orange school buses and then via public transport provided moments of drama and reflection.  The inspiration for this film stems from the time passed and friendships formed and lost, as children journeyed together from pre-dawn to nightfall, from childhood to adulthood. Many who live on both sides of the causeway do so in search of a better life—the journey is a hopeful one but it is also not without its perils.

    This film imagines a life ended abruptly and a ghost child that grows up along with the city she was lost in. Ghosts are often portrayed as taking on the form of how they last looked in life but what if this ghost allows her image to grow, as she would have wanted to be if she had been alive? She haunts Singapore, seeking yearly vengeance, until one day she meets a boy from her past…

    This film is dedicated to the ghosts of us, to the lost past and the eclipsed future.

    Directors’ biography

    Elizabeth Wijaya, recipient of the NUS Research Scholarship, received her MA in Literary Studies and BA (First Class Honours) in English Literature. She was President of the NUS Literary Society and the co-director of I HAVE LOVED.

    Lai Weijie graduated from NYU Tisch School of the Arts Asia with an MFA. He was director of photography for DELILAH, BEFORE (Best Short Film, Tribeca) and co-produced HOMECOMING that grossed more than $3 million in Singapore and Malaysia. Recently, he co-directed his first feature I HAVE LOVED.


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