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  • 13 Little Pictures at 6th Singapore Short Film Festival

    Rumah Sendiri; Daniel Hui with Ni Luh Sri Suyanti 2010

    More 13 Little Pictures short film screenings in Singapore! This time, Sherman Ong and I (Daniel Hui) are showcasing our new short films in the 6th Singapore Short Film Festival, curated by the Substation in Singapore. The Substation has traditionally been a home for discovering new works. We are extremely excited to be screening our films here!

    Tickets; Sherman Ong 2010

    The films we will be screening are Sayang (Daniel Hui), Rumah Sendiri (Daniel Hui with Ni Luh Sri Suyanti) & Tickets (Sherman Ong), the latter two of which are part of the S-Express Singapore, a traveling film program that would tour the regional festival circuit. Do look out for these films in your country!

    Here are some information on the films:

    Sayang (29 August 4pm):

    A personal rumination on love and loss, using the images and sounds of famous movies. Just as, in movies, we see through another’s eyes, hear through another’s ears, this film stands as an experiment to see if we could also speak through another’s mouth.

    Rumah Sendiri (5 September 8.15pm):

    A Balinese housemaid works in a home that is not her own. She is the invisible class in Singapore, an unseen population for whom the land is merely transitory. In part a reaction to Eric Khoo’s No Day Off (2006), the film is a collaborative effort whose aim is for you to simply look at her—because, after all, choosing what to see and listen to remains the most political act we do every day.

    Tickets (5 September 8.15pm):

    This film centres on Xiao Jing, a ticket seller in an old cinema in Singapore. Coming from China to study acting in Singapore, her ambition is to break into the Singapore film industry as an actress.

    We’ll be seeing you there!


    News, Screenings


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