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  • 13 Little Pictures @ Singapore International Film Festival

    The Singapore International Film Festival

    13 Little Pictures will world premiere two new feature-length films at the 24th Singapore International Film Festival. Tickets are available on SISTIC and selling fast.

    Weijie & Elizabeth Wijaya’s debut feature I HAVE LOVED @ Lido 5/7pm/18 Sep. Nominated for ‘Best Cinematography’ in the Asian Feature Film Competition. SOLD OUT.


    Daniel Hui’s debut feature ECLIPSES @ Lido 2/6.30pm/24 Sep. SOLD OUT.


    In the Special Segment at SIFF – Everyone’s Gotta Start Somewhere, you can catch our early works. Liao Jiekai’s PARADISE, Chris Yeo’s WAKING MONKEY & COTTON ‘N’ CANDY, Sherman Ong’s STATE OF THINGS & Wesley Leon Aroozoo’s DICK MARLOW @ Sinema/ 9pm/16 Sep.

    Independent filmmaking is the art of embracing limitations, working with available resources and making much with what one has. What are creative and financial responsibilities of filmmakers? How do one break free from the budget abyss? A panel of filmmakers from 13 Little Pictures will share their process and perspectives on THE VALUE OF INDEPENDENT FILMMAKING @ The POD, Level 16, National Library/7pm/20 Sep. Pre-register for this event by emailing your full name, age, and contact number to writetous@siff.sg with ’13LP Talk’ as the subject heading.

    Last but not least, we will be working with 15 other filmmakers from Singapore and the region in the 13 Little Pictures FILM LAB from the 19-25 Sep 2011. If you are keen to watch our work in progress on 25 Sep at the Sinema, contact us.

    Told on Tote has been specially commissioned to design a customized tote bag for a 5-day film lab organized by 13 Little Pictures as part of the Singapore International Film Festival. Exclusively designed for the participants and guests of the 13 Little Pictures Film Lab.

    Catch a glimpse @ http://www.toldontote.sg

    The Film Lab participants are:

    Ashish Ravinran (Singapore)

    Colin Tan (Singapore)

    Echol He Yingshu (China)

    Faraz Hussain (India)

    Gary Yong (Malaysia)

    Joenathann Alandy (Philippines)

    Juan Manuel Alcazaren (Philippines)

    Kuba Morawski (Poland)

    Maenam Chagasik (Thailand)

    Ng Yiqin (Singapore)

    Shyan Tan (Singapore)

    Sorayos Prapapan (Thailand)

    Tan Jingliang (Singapore)

    Tay Hong Cheng (Singapore)

    Vivien Koh (Singapore)


    News, Screenings


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