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  • The Year With 13 Pictures

    When we started 13 Little Pictures, I never thought we will go on to make this many little films and to be able to share them with audience from Hong Kong to Bangkok to India to Amsterdam. We are just a group of filmmakers who meet regularly for screenings and spend hours talking about cinema. Making films is an excuse to hang out with one another and to experiment with our arguments.

    It’s been a great start and a great year for 13 Little Pictures. We’ve premiered 3 feature films (Flooding In The Time Of Drought, White Days and In The House Of Straw) in festivals in Hong Kong, Singapore, Seoul, Bangkok, New Delhi. We are glad they are critically received. Along the way, each of them was also selected to compete for top honours, including Asian Digital Cinema (HK), Golden Kinnaree (BKK), Chameloeon (Seoul), Fipresci (HK), Netpac (BKK).

    “Decades from now, these movies are going to serve as some of the most authentic cinematic documents of how we actually lived in Singapore in the early 21st century. I’m impressed.” – Ng Yi-Sheng, Poet, Playwright and winner of the Singapore Literature Prize 2008, on Flooding In The Time Of Drought.

    “An impishly enjoyable debut!” Mathias Ortmann, Film critic on White Days.

    “A brave, complex, crazy, funny, weird, uncompromising coming-of-age film for the facebook generation.” – Graiwoot Chulphongsathorn, NETPAC Juror and writer for Bioscope, on In The House Of Straw.

    “A Singapore New Wave that actually warrants the term because of the innovations made and not just referring to the “next generation.”” Mayo Martin, TODAY Arts critic.

    Of the three films, White Days was picked up for a theatrical run for five months at Sinema Old School after playing to a full house audience at the Singapore International Film Festival.

    In addition, we’ve completed shoot on 4 other feature films (Memories Of A Burning Tree, Night Lights, Red Dragonflies and one more secret feature project), all in post-production now. We are developing 6 new feature films for 2010.

    Next month, Sherman will lead the pack with a hat-trick of premieres in Europe. Flooding In The Time Of Drought, Memories Of A Burning Tree and Ticket (short) will preem at the International Film Festival Rotterdam. Flooding In The Time Of Drought will also screen at the Centre Pompidou as part of the Singapore Malaysia Showcase – Singapour, Malaisie Le Cinema!. One Day In June (short) by Daniel Hui (director of Night Lights) will also have its world premiere at Rotterdam.

    We hope to share more of our films more frequently and we invite people who wish to screen them to get in touch with us. We already have a film marathon booking on 13 March in NUS. We are looking at doing a showcase in KL next year. Apart from film screenings, we hope to dialogue with our audience by writing more and writing about the cinema we stand for and envision.

    Thank you for your belief in our little films and thank you for letting us share them with you.

    “In the times of bigness, spectaculars, one hundred million dollar movie productions, I want to speak for the small, invisible acts of human spirit: so subtle, so small, that they die when brought out under the clean lights. I want to celebrate the small forms of cinema: the lyrical form, the poem, the watercolor, etude, sketch, portrait, arabesque, and bagatelle, and little 8mm songs. In the times when everybody wants to succeed and sell, I want to celebrate those who embrace social and daily tailor to pursue the invisible, the personal things that bring no money and no bread and make no contemporary history, art history or any other history. I am for art which we do for each other, as friends. The real history of cinema is invisible history: history of friends getting together, doing the thing they love.” – Jonas Mekas in his Anti-100 Years of Cinema Manifesto

    Wee Keong and Sherman presenting Flooding In the Time Of Drought at the Cinema Digital Seoul Film Festival (CinDi).

    Sherman with Philip and Cheuk-To at Cindi.

    Bangkok World Film Festival – Flooding In The Time Of Drought and White Days.

    Vel (actress – White Days), Tulapop, Big (programmer – Bangkok World Film Festival), Sherman (director – Flooding in the time of Drought), Jiekai (editor – White Days and director – Red Dragonflies), Bee Thiam, Yuan Bin (director – White Days, art director – Flooding in the Time of Drought, Director of Photography – Red Dragonflies).

    Victor, festival director of Bangkok World Film Festival and Yuan Bin.




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