Small Hours of the Night


Singapore, in the late 1960s — the newly independent country is still grappling with its identity. In a dark room, a woman is trapped, being interrogated by a man. Through the course of one long night, identities blur, and ghosts from the future start to haunt their conversation. Time expands and contracts, bringing together traumas both social and personal in the ever emerging present.



Yang Yanxuan Vicki


Irfan Kasban


Written, Edited and
Directed by

Daniel Hui

Produced by

Tan Bee Thiam

Director of Photography

Looi Wan Ping

Executive Producer

Violet Goh


Grace Shiow,
Glen Goei,
Naoko Ishise

Production Designer

Irfan Kasban

Sound Recordist

Paul Lin

Sound Designer & Mixer

Akritchalerm Kalayanamitr

Music Composer

Cheryl Ong


Original title

Small Hours of the Night

International Title

Small Hours of the Night


103 min / Colour,
Black and White

Aspect Ratio

1:37 Academy Ratio

Screening Format



5.1 Surround Sound

Year of Release



English, Malay, Mandarin



Country of production


Production Companies

13 Little Pictures

In Association with

Tiger Tiger Pictures,
Evanya's Pod,
Jackfruit International

With the support of

Tan Ean Kian Foundation-SGIFF Southeast Asian Documentary Grant,
Purin Pictures,
White Light Studios

"Small Hours of the Night occasionally vivifies the hauntological reverberations of silenced voices with humane sorrow. ... Shot in high contrast black-and-white, this is equal parts political critique, psychological drama and cinematic puzzle” - Screen Daily

“Venturing in many different directions, and blurring time periods, Small Hours of the Night is a unique and well-crafted film that offers a vaguely Kafkaesque odyssey, which is filtered through a more contemporary view of paranoia that allows this film to exist at the perfect intersection between the past and the present, explored with tremendous vigour by one of the most exciting young voices in contemporary Asian cinema”- International Cinephile Society

“With its masterful cinematography that is very similar to gazing at photos hanging on the wall of a gallery, “Small House of the Night” encourages us to contemplate the human agonies and his life at the hands of dictators—the narcissistic authorities who enslave their people to fulfil their own desires”
- Universal Cinema


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