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Directed and Written by Wesley Leon Aroozoo

Produced By Tan Bee Thiam

Country of production: Singapore

Production Company: 13 Little Pictures

Genre: Experimental Comedy/Drama

Estimated Running Time: 90 minutes

Status: Development

Looking For: Pre-Sales/Funds


The rhythm of humans going under the limbo pole one by one is creepily poetic and unsettling. Amidst the crowd of office workers gathering around, we are introduced to our good friend, Patrick Pan.  We shake our heads and look away as his greed leads him to working at a Bookmark factory under the wings of a successful tycoon whom he idolises.

It is dark and quiet. Bedtime stories.

The innocent Bookmark Factory wakes up from its sleep and rear its ugly head. Patrick willingly drowns himself in puddles to attain his dream, while his whole world does a cartwheel and eventually bites him, chews him up and spits him out.

There are more holes than that of underwear.

Patrick is now mush.

Directors’ biography
Recently invited as 1 of 20 upcoming Asian filmmakers to participate in the Tokyo Filmex Next Masters Project. Works screened at over 70 festivals such as The International Film Festival Rotterdam, Q! Film Festival and The Film Festival of Experimental and Different Cinemas of Paris. Presented in Japan, Germany, Holland, Indonesia and Hong Kong with the support of the Media Development Authority and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government. Part of 13 Little Pictures, a film collective in Singapore that champions innovative films, hailed by critics as the ‘Real New Wave’ in Singapore.

Pursuing his Master of Fine Arts at NYU Tisch Asia.