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  • Demons at Berlinale Forum

    Cast and crew of Demons will be at the screenings for QnA.


    A horror film with a point. Happily, this satirical horror film is keenly funny when it isn’t being scary. Shot in English and Mandarin and spiked with offbeat humor that sweetens its dark thoughts, the Berlinale Forum title is quite the trip for those who get into it. Although a hallucinatory journey into the psychic well is not for everyone, those willing to dip into experimental cinema will probably hang on to the dazzling, mythical ending…. Hui, who has made a name for himself on the festival circuit for his innovative films with a strong social and political bent, has an idiosyncratic approach to storytelling verging on experimental kitsch.” 

    – Deborah Young, The Hollywood Reporter

    “Demons is a spectacularly unsettling accumulation of diverse and fragmented images, techniques, sounds and themes. It clearly has a point to make about the environment that produced it, as well as the men who continue to overpower this landscape. It need not be understood entirely, and that is also part of its beauty. It is dark, grotesque and simply absurd, with a wonderfully wicked sense of humour.”

    – Fenja Akinde-Hummel, The Upcoming

    “Daniel Hui builds a film pervaded by an archaic sense of restlessness, primordial as the tribal statuette in the house of the protagonist, from a Lynchian anguish.” 8/10

    – Giampiero Raganelli, Quinlan

    “Stories-within-stories-within-stories also form the weird fabric of Daniel Hui’s Demons, a hallucinatory, near-Lynchian evocation of contemporary Singaporean psychosis that centers on power dynamics in a theater troupe.”

    – Travis Jeppesen, Artforum

    “[U]nmissable…a work of a dedicated cinephile, visually and narratively outstanding…The film is sure to stay with the audience long after”

    – Maja Korbecka, easternKicks

    “Even harder and more virtuoso, Daniel Hui from Singapore jumbled up the genres. Demons begins as a painful #MeToo drama in the theatre milieu, slowly transforming into a history of revenge, combining the driest satire with ghost scare and B-movie splatter. A young actress gets a role with a renowned director. Even his cutting comments in the casting show: The collaboration is torture. Sexual oppression and attacks are becoming increasingly obvious. At the same time, the film becomes more and more tangled – and draws from it a power that goes beyond the alleged simplicity of history. Hui interweaves the elements even more complex and enigmatic than Jennifer Reeder (Knives and Skin Film). He cuts faster and more confusing between the levels and times back and forth – and can very skillfully create a suction, which leads to a bloody, metaphysical finale. The imagery has only a naturalistic appearance at first – the further the film progresses, the more artificial it looks.”

    – Fabian Wallmeier, rbb24


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  • AS YOU WERE by Liao Jiekai in Asian Future Competition at Tokyo

    As You Were

    AS YOU WERE directed by Liao Jiekai will world premiere in Asian Future Competition at the Tokyo International Film Festival 2014.

    27 Oct 14:00 Toho Cinemas Roppongi Hills Screen 4
    29 Oct 20:00 Toho Cinemas Roggongi Hills Screen 5

    On an idyllic island south of Singapore, Guohui and Peiling spend their last moments together as their relationship falls apart. The film is set in contemporary Singapore and structured into three distinct chapters. Through the country’s ever-changing landscape, the two lovers realize that what is transitory can also be eternal. The film explores the memories of the two characters and the oppressive past of St. John’s Island, which was, at various points in modern history, a quarantine center, a penal colony and a drug rehabilitation centre.  

    For more information and updates, please visit the AS YOU WERE facebook page.


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  • SNAKESKIN in International Competition at Doclisboa 2014


    SNAKESKIN directed by Daniel Hui will world premiere in International Competition at the Doclisboa International Film Festival 2014.

    18 Oct / 19.30, CULTURGEST – GRANDE AUD.
    24 Oct / 19.15, SÃO JORGE – SALA 3

    In 2066, a survivor of an enigmatic cult recounts his country’s traumatic history and the events leading to the rise and fall of the cult. Through his reminiscence, ghosts from 2014 and before appear as witnesses. Part dream documentary, part city symphony, this film traces the lineage of oppression as inscribed in Singapore’s landscape and collective unconscious.

    For more information and updates, please visit the SNAKESKIN facebook page.


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  • 03-FLATS in Documentary Competition at Busan 2014

    Directed by Lei Yuan Bin

    3-FLATS directed by Lei Yuan Bin will world premiere in Documentary Competition at the Busan International Film Festival 2014.

    03 OCT Friday 10am
    CGV Centum City 2

    06 Oct Monday 10am
    CGV Centum City 2

    08 Oct Wednesday 7pm (Director in attendance)
    Busan Cinema Center Cinematheque

    Singapore’s public housing programme—an inclusive space that prioritizes families and intergenerational living—is arguably the most successful in the world. Amidst this backdrop, 03-FLATS follows the domestic experiences of three single women who are at different stages of their lives. Looking from within each flat, the film moves between the women’s distinctively lived interiors and the ordered public spaces beyond. It records how domestic resilience might resist the ennui of mass housing, turning housing into home.

    Combining the documentary genre with formal attention to the spatial nuances in each flat and its occupant’s routines, 03-FLATS is part of a research initiative by Dr Lilian Chee at the Department of Architecture, National University of Singapore to probe how domesticity—a key component wherein home is produced—could be viscerally represented and experientially encountered.

    For more information and updates, please visit the 03-FLATS facebook page.


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  • 13 Little Pictures @ World Film Festival of Bangkok

    We are pleased to announce that besides 3 of 13 Little Pictures’ films screening at the 11th World Film Festival Bangkok, that the third edition of our Film Lab will also be taking place at the World Film Festival of Bangkok.

    Screenings at World Film Festival of Bangkok


    I HAVE LOVED by Lai Weijie & Elizabeth Wijaya
    16 November, 1.00PM, SF World Cinema Centralworld 3
    23 November, 1.00PM, SF World Cinema Centralworld 3


    KOPI JULIA (JULIA’S COFFEE) by Tan Bee Thiam
    19 November, 8.20PM (Shown with Eclipses),

    SF World Cinema Centralworld 3
    22 November, 3.20PM (Shown with Eclipses), SF World Cinema Centralworld 3


    ECLIPSES by Daniel Hui
    19 November, 8.20PM, SF World Cinema Centralworld 3
    22 November, 3.20PM, SF World Cinema Centralworld 3

    Film Lab Participants

    We are proud to announce the participants joining us for the 3rd Edition of 13 Little Picture’s Film Lab. The Film Lab will take place from the 18th of November, to the 23rd.


    Adzlynn Fizra
    Gladys Ng
    Dzafirul Haniff
    Lau Hong Hu

    School of The Arts, Singapore:
    Amanda Liaw
    Clare Chong
    Sophie Clarke
    Teo Qi Yu
    Young Weiping


    Edward Gunawan

    The Philippines:

    Patricia Damaso


    Francisco Janes


    Stella Ahn


    Van Tran


    Jirassaya Wongsutin
    Kingkan Siripiriyakul
    Lersak Boonthanasan
    Manasak Khlongchainan
    Nuttawat Attasawat
    Supakit Seksuwan
    Thai Pradithkesorn
    Ukrit Sa-nguanhai
    Vorakorn Ruetaivanichkul
    Wattanapume Laisuwanchai

    World Film Festival Bangkok | Programme



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  • 10th Singapore Short Cuts – Selections

    From worm fetishists to a son helping bring food home for his vampire stepmum, 13 Little Pictures is proud to present a selection of 4 short films that are being screened at the 10th Singapore Short Cuts.



    by Yeo Siew Hua and Nelson Yeo | 2012 | 3 mins | Rating TBC

    Gallery Theatre, Basement, National Museum of Singapore
    03 Aug 2013, 2pm
    (Free tickets can be collected at The Stamford Visitors Services Counter)

    While one might hear the vastness of the ocean when holding up a conch shell to one’s ear, the gentle whispers from an earthworm’s orifice offers the sounds of events past and present. Wormhole showcases a community of earthworm fetishists in search of time travel in a fertile earthworm space below a bridge.



    by Tan Bee Thiam 2013 | 7 mins | Rating TBC

    Gallery Theatre, Basement, National Museum of Singapore
    03 Aug 2013, 2pm
    The Stamford Visitors Services Counter (Free tickets to be collected a week before each screening)

    Ikram brings home his classmates to feed Julia, his blood-sucking stepmum. When Julia starts flirting with a classmate, Ikram has been secretly admiring, he flies into a rage of jealousy. An adaptation from a short story by Faizal Sulaiman, Kopi Julia pays tribute to the Malay horror films made in the 50s in Singapore.



    by Ivan Tan | 2013 | 12 mins | Rating TBC

    Gallery Theatre, Basement, National Museum of Singapore
    03 Aug 2013, 2pm
    (Free tickets can be collected at The Stamford Visitors Services Counter)

    While an unusual monsoon threatens to flood the Eastern part of Singapore, two families are stranded indoors. A young couple on the verge of divorce discovers the sole reason for them to stay together. Next door, a young boy brings his estranged parents together with his love of tadpoles. Ultimately, their efforts seem futile in the face of the relentless rain outside.




    by Daniel Hui
    2013 | 9 mins | Rating TBC

    Gallery Theatre, Basement, National Museum of Singapore
    04 Aug 2013, 2pm
    The Stamford Visitors Services Counter (Free tickets to be collected a week before each screening)
    3 & 4 August screening (Ticket collection from 27 July)

    *World premiere
    Structured as a diary entry, a documentary and perhaps, under the guise of a self-help video, Animal Spirits provides two testimonies of students living in Los Angeles: Mara Otero who left her management job and partner behind in Pennsylvania, and Hyesung Moon who is dependent on her mother’s financial support.

    As an inquiry into the role of emotions and instincts within the global economy, Animal Spirits is a perceptive and personal look at how the human psyche is shaped by the movement of capital. The confessional dialogue and images from these two testimonies offer frank examples of how human desires and connections can co-exist.


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  • 13 Little Pictures @ Singapore International Film Festival

    The Singapore International Film Festival

    13 Little Pictures will world premiere two new feature-length films at the 24th Singapore International Film Festival. Tickets are available on SISTIC and selling fast.

    Weijie & Elizabeth Wijaya’s debut feature I HAVE LOVED @ Lido 5/7pm/18 Sep. Nominated for ‘Best Cinematography’ in the Asian Feature Film Competition. SOLD OUT.


    Daniel Hui’s debut feature ECLIPSES @ Lido 2/6.30pm/24 Sep. SOLD OUT.


    In the Special Segment at SIFF – Everyone’s Gotta Start Somewhere, you can catch our early works. Liao Jiekai’s PARADISE, Chris Yeo’s WAKING MONKEY & COTTON ‘N’ CANDY, Sherman Ong’s STATE OF THINGS & Wesley Leon Aroozoo’s DICK MARLOW @ Sinema/ 9pm/16 Sep.

    Independent filmmaking is the art of embracing limitations, working with available resources and making much with what one has. What are creative and financial responsibilities of filmmakers? How do one break free from the budget abyss? A panel of filmmakers from 13 Little Pictures will share their process and perspectives on THE VALUE OF INDEPENDENT FILMMAKING @ The POD, Level 16, National Library/7pm/20 Sep. Pre-register for this event by emailing your full name, age, and contact number to writetous@siff.sg with ’13LP Talk’ as the subject heading.

    Last but not least, we will be working with 15 other filmmakers from Singapore and the region in the 13 Little Pictures FILM LAB from the 19-25 Sep 2011. If you are keen to watch our work in progress on 25 Sep at the Sinema, contact us.

    Told on Tote has been specially commissioned to design a customized tote bag for a 5-day film lab organized by 13 Little Pictures as part of the Singapore International Film Festival. Exclusively designed for the participants and guests of the 13 Little Pictures Film Lab.

    Catch a glimpse @ http://www.toldontote.sg

    The Film Lab participants are:

    Ashish Ravinran (Singapore)

    Colin Tan (Singapore)

    Echol He Yingshu (China)

    Faraz Hussain (India)

    Gary Yong (Malaysia)

    Joenathann Alandy (Philippines)

    Juan Manuel Alcazaren (Philippines)

    Kuba Morawski (Poland)

    Maenam Chagasik (Thailand)

    Ng Yiqin (Singapore)

    Shyan Tan (Singapore)

    Sorayos Prapapan (Thailand)

    Tan Jingliang (Singapore)

    Tay Hong Cheng (Singapore)

    Vivien Koh (Singapore)


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  • August Screenings

    13 Little Pictures is back in August with a whole line-up of screenings, DVD’s and talks!

    Cross borders with 13 Little Pictures big brother, Sherman Ong’s works from the 6th-28th of August at ARTSPACE@ Helutrans, Singapore. Then gear up as 13 Little Pictures returns this year to the 8th Singapore Short Cuts with new films from Short Cuts alumni Sherman Ong and Daniel Hui on the 7th and 14th of August: I Want to Remember, Rumah Sendiri and Sayang.

    Engage with Tan Bee Thiam as he explores the history of Singapore film creation in the past 20 years in ‘Singapore Cinema & Its Audience (1991-2011)’ as part of ‘Our Love Stories, Our Singapore’ programme presented by the Esplanade on the 6th of August. In collaboration with 13 Little Pictures, Cathay Asia Films Pte Ltd and Lighthouse Pictures comes the much anticipated Army Daze:The Movie (15th Anniversary DVD) available in stores now.

    Find out what goes on in the mind of 13 Little Pictures big brother, Sherman Ong with an exclusive interview on I-S magazine. Sherman Ong’s works will also be at the Noorderlicht Photofestival 2011 in Netherlands. If you’re in Hong Kong, 13 Little Picture’s NKOTB, Wesley Leon Aroozoo’s Peep will be at 7th InDPanda Film Festival on the 18th of August at Broadway Cinematheque.

    The Arts House and 13 Little Pictures will be presenting Liao Jiekai’s Red Dragonflies and Lei Yuan Bin’s White Days in a special ‘Red + White’ Selection together with 2 short films, Sherman Ong’s State Of Things and Lai Weijie’s Space Of City Trees to coincide with the Nation’s Birthday. Screening runs from 13th-27th of August.

    For the month of August, Lai Weijie steps up onto the 13 Little Pictures Official Youtube Channel with the cold and gripping Blue Date. Catch it exclusively now!

    September is going to be a big month for 13 Little Pictures with workshops, DVD releases and more. See you in September!


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  • July Screenings

    Some updates in July!

    Lots brewing in the works for the coming months at 13 Little Pictures. For the month of July catch Sherman Ong’s Tickets at the upcoming Sinema Show-Off National Day Special. Meanwhile as part of our monthly ritual of a film from a 13 Little Pictures artist per month, Daniel Hui’s Wanderlust premieres on the official 13 Little Pictures Youtube channel for the month of July. Up next is Lai Weijie in August!

    Subscribe to the Official 13 Little Pictures Youtube Channel.

    Exodus by Sherman Ong will also screen at Photo Ireland 2012 under the theme ‘Migrations.Diaspora and Cultural Diversity’. Do also check out Asymptote Global Literature where Sherman Ong is a contributing artist. Sherman Ong will also be participating in Noorderlicht Photo Festival 2011: Metropolis – City Life in the Urban Age.

    Stay tuned in the coming months for some big announcements from 13 Little Pictures!


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  • June Screenings

    Some updates in June!

    White Days by Lei Yuan Bin screened in competition at the 9th Asian Film Festival in Rome on 11 June 2011. Other titles in competition include Locarno Golden Leopard Winner, Winter Vacation by Li Hongqi and Golden Horse winner The Fourth Portrait by Chung Mong-hong.

    Apart from world premiering his latest dance short film, I Want to Remember, Sherman Ong’s Memories of a Burning Tree screened at the Kandy International Film Festival in Sri Lanka on 23 June. The screening venue seemed to be at a pretty cool place called the outdoor amphitheatre at the University of Peradeniya (see below).


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