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  • Ge Ye Fan (Father & Daughter)

    Ge Ye Fan

    Director: Gladys Ng
    Producer: Liao Jiekai
    Project Status: Development / Pre-production


    Ge Ye Fan (english title: Father & Daughter), is a heartwarming family story told through the eyes of an elderly father and his prodigal daughter, Ying. A fresh graduate from university, Ying is insecure about her future; drifting about odd jobs, feeling guilty towards her elderly father and unsure about her own sexuality, Ying navigates through the post-modern metropolis trying to find her own footing in life. The only familiar event that gives her any comfort is the family dinner every weekend. Set in the Singapore heartlands of today, the film aims at capturing the tenderness of familial ties between father and daughter through the making of a simple home-cooked meal.




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