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  • I Have Loved

    What does it mean to declare or even whisper: I have loved? In Siem Reap, a young woman, haunted by loss, mourning, melancholia and the imperfections of memory, dances with two men—one of whom she is married to, while the other is engaged to be married. Co-directed by first-time filmmakers, Elizabeth Wijaya and Lai Weijie, the film stars Glen Goei (director of The Blue Mansion) and is edited by Azharr Rudin (editor of The Last Communist).

    Liz and Weijie: “I Have Loved” is an intimate exploration of human consciousness, time and ways of remembering. After the death of her husband, Marie is haunted by an eclipsed memory—she cannot remember a key traumatic event as it happened. Trapped in a Freudian cycle of mourning and repetition, she returns to Siem Reap to remember—so that she may forget… read more here.




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