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  • Sayang

    Singapore | 8 min | 2010 | Color | English | DigiBeta PAL


    A personal rumination on love and loss, using the images and sounds of famous movies. Just as, in movies, we see through another’s eyes, hear through another’s ears, this film stands as an experiment to see if we could also speak through another’s mouth.

    Director’s Statement

    Making a film, for me, is very much like being in love. It is a tautology. A friend asks me, “Why do you make films?” I stumble. “I make films because I make films.” Like love, all discussion of a film seems to go around it. We can talk about what the film means to us, to society, to history – an important, if not the most important, act of filmmaking – but the film remains unscathed. The film is. In any film, you can shoot a person however you see him/her, but that wouldn’t – and shouldn’t – change who and what the person is. The person remains the same – nothing more, nothing less.

    And so it seems that making a film is like pointing at somebody you love, and saying, “There!” I cannot explain myself, nor can I defend my love – I can only present. Language is always too much and not enough. Maybe that’s why I can only make films about people I love…

    How do you make others understand why you love someone? How do you express the grief, anxiety, jealousies, joy, vertigo, that the person you love gives you? Someone asks me, “Why do you love me?” I stumble. “I love you because I love you.”

    This film is dedicated to Yasmin Ahmad.

    Directors Biography

    Daniel Hui is a filmmaker and writer. A graduate of the film program in California Institute of the Arts, his films have been screened at film festivals in Rotterdam, Hawaii, Manila, Seoul, Bangkok, and Vladivostok. His writings have been published in prominent cinema journals, including the Cinematheque Quarterly of the National Museum Singapore. He is the contributing editor to the Network for the Promotion of Asian Cinema (NETPAC) online journal, Cinemas of Asia. He is also one of the founding members of 13 Little Pictures, an independent film collective whose films have garnered critical acclaim all around the world. He recently won the Pixel Bunker Award for International New Talent at the Doclisboa International Film Festival for his début feature film Eclipses.

    Technical Specifications

    Directed by: Daniel Hui

    Country of production: Singapore

    Year of production: 2010

    Original Format: Hi-8

    Aspect Ratio: 1:1.33

    Sound: Stereo



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