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  • The 13 Little Pictures Film Lab

    Participants share their thoughts with SINdie about the recent 13 Little Pictures Film Lab.

    Ashish Ravinran (Singapore)

    Colin Tan (Singapore)

    Echo He Yingshu (China)

    Faraz Hussain (India)

    Gary Yong (Malaysia)

    Joenathann Alandy (Philippines)

    Juan Manuel Alcazaren (Philippines)

    Kuba Morawski (Poland)

    Maenam Chagasik (Thailand)

    Ng Yiqin (Singapore)

    Shyan Tan (Singapore)

    Sorayos Prapapan (Thailand)

    Tan Jingliang (Singapore)

    Tay Hong Cheng (Singapore)

    Vivien Koh (Singapore)

    VANISHING AIR, a film project from the 13 Little Pictures Film Lab screens at the 23rd CCP Independent Film and Video. Congrats Joe, Jingliang, Colin, Yiqin & Yossy!

    Download Issue 7 of One Imperative—Who Gives a Shit About Art is out; just for you. Featuring Wesley Leon Aroozoo’s TWO FINGERS IMITATING LEGS WALKING.

    KISSING FACES by Wesley Leon Aroozoo at Nepal Cine-Symposium on 21st November.

    Review of Chris Yeo’s WAKING MONKEY & Wesley Leon Aroozoo’s DICK MARLOW at Everyone’s Gotta Start Somewhere – Singapore International Film Festival by Vicki Yang.

    Meanwhile, the Philanthropic Museum features Sherman Ong and don’t forget to say a big hello to his elephant BULAN as part of the Elephant Parade.

    And for the month of October catch Liao Jiekai’s AS WINTER ESCAPES ME on the 13 Little Pictures Youtube Channel.

    [youtube id=”dObZyZcwZmg”]


    News, Now Showing


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