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  • The Real New Wave

    Just got back from Bangkok International Film Festival with Chris and we were pretty moved at the world premiere. It was our first time watching In The House Of Straw screened in a large theatre too and all the hard work we put in the post-prod just showed. The picture looked brilliant and the sound projection was superb. Our special thanks to the Bangkok International Film Festival team that presented our little film. Here are some comments from critics who like the film:

    “I watched Straws earlier today and it got me wondering if we’re witnessing a new kind of aesthetics being forged in Singapore cinema today – a Singapore New Wave that actually warrants the term because of the innovations made and not just referring to the “next generation”….Straws is structurally adventurous, unapologetically discarding the checklist of what a “proper” movie should have (the acting is so wooden it’s practically brittle) and, I suspect, Yeo treats the various elements of his movie the same way one assembles chess pieces in a game….Narrative-driven dramas/comedy/horror/action may still be what’s the favoured approach to filmmaking in Singapore, but Straws is one example of the more exciting things to come from the real New Wave that’s percolating underneath the mainstream.” – Mayo Martin, TODAY. Read his wonderful article here.

    “Singaporean filmmaker Chris Yeo Siew Hua’s debut film has a theatrical rather than cinematic quality to it. Experimental and conceptual, this strange drama is so full of metaphor it’s difficult to understand what is real and what is allegorical. .. What House of Straw is really about is individuality and identity, and how Zhi Wen slowly loses his and is absorbed by the other characters by over the course of the film. (4/5)” – Wise Kwai.

    In The House of Straw (A++++++++++++++++++) this might be my favorite film of the festival besides 35 Shots.“, “35 Shots of Rum (A++++++++++) Across The River (B) Adrift (A) Altiplano (B) Antichrist (A+) Aurora (A) Breatheless (A+) Call If You Need Me (A) Castro (A+) Dead Snow (B) Dogtooth (A+/A) Here (A+) In The House of Straw (A++++++++++). A brave, complex, crazy, funny, weird, uncompromising coming-of-age film for the facebook generation.” –  Graiwoot Chulphongsathorn, NETPAC Juror and writer for Bioscope.


    We love Claire Denis too! 🙂

    Our trip is supported by the Singapore Film Commission.




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