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Directed by Daniel Hui
Country of production: Singapore
Production Company: 13 Little Pictures
Format: 16mm
Genre: Drama
Estimated Running Time: 165 min
Status: Post-production
Looking for: Sales
Estimated release date: 2011


This is the story of Singapore told through family, class, and race. It begins with the story of a woman who, after her husband’s sudden death, withdraws into her own world. Slowly, though labor, she begins to come to terms with the society around her. The film splinters away to document the characters who surround her – people from different classes, including the filmmaker’s own family. It then shifts to become a city symphony, an investigation of the landscapes in which people live, work, and play. Straddling the line between narrative and experimental film, Eclipses presents a portrait of the country as told through testimonies to daily existence.