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Flooding In The Time Of Drought


Malaysia, Singapore | 2009 | 184 min | Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Tagalog, Mandarin, German Japanese, Korean, Thai, Malay, Hokkien | English subtitles | HDV

  • Asian Digital Competition, Hong Kong International Film Festival 2009 (World Premiere)
  • International Film Festival Rotterdam 2010 (European Premiere)
  • Competition, Cinema Digital Seoul Film Festival 2009

Also titled Banjir Kemarau

“Decades from now, these movies are going to serve as some of the most authentic cinematic documents of how we actually lived in Singapore in the early 21st century. I’m impressed.” – Ng Yi-Sheng (Poet, playwright and winner of the Singapore Literature Prize 2008.)

Flooding In The Time Of Drought chases us into a dead-end suspense that is the dreamed up nightmare of Singapore.” – Adele Tan, ARTicle


What if Singapore’s water supply suddenly runs dry?

This docu-narrative fusion depicts the lives of foreign immigrants as they face an impending water crisis. Amidst this drought, a cast of non-professional actors grapple with their foibles, fantasies, and broken romances.

Touching on issues as diverse as ethnic discrimination, ritual beliefs, World War II, and racial tensions in post-’97 riots Indonesia, the film explores how ingrained problems are transported along with migrant communities.

“A full-length feature with many documentary elements follows eight immigrant couples in Singapore who play scenes from their lives, often shot in their small dwellings. These immigrants are the basis of Singapore’s success, but get the hardest knocks when things go wrong. A film with an unusual length and an unusual form. It’s twice as long as a normal feature and made in two parts. It’s not a documentary, but has many elements of one. The film follows eight couples of immigrants in today’s Singapore. In this way, a lot is made clear about the political and social situation of Singapore, of which the flourishing economy is largely dependent on guest workers. Instead of interviewing the immigrants, the film maker has them play scenes from their own lives. A fiction film, but much more realistic than usual. Another fictional element in the film is the introduction of a water crisis in Singapore. It’s the immigrants who have most problems with this. For a large part, the film is set in the small dwellings where the various immigrant couples live. And also in other regards, the film maker works down to the square centimetre.” – Gertjan Zulhoif, Rotterdam

Technical Specifications

Country of production: Singapore, Malaysia

Running length: 184 minutes (in two parts) / COLOR

Year of production: 2009

Language: Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Tagalog, Mandarin, German, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Malay, Hokkien

Subtitles: English

Original Format: HD

Screening Format: HDCAM or Digibeta PAL

Aspect Ratio: 1:1.85

Sound: Stereo

Website: http://floodinginthetimeofdrought.blogspot.com


Director/Writer: Sherman Ong

Producer: Sunny Yong

Co-producer: Tan Bee Thiam

Cinematographer: Sharon Loh

Sound: Kent Chan

Editor: Ming An

Assistant Director: Swee Wee Keong

Art Director: Chin Kean Kok, Looi Wan Ping

Post-production Sound: Takuya Katsu

Online Editor: Fabian Tan

Camera Assistant: Looi Wan Ping

Set Photographer/Color Supervisor: Han Tan

Music: Indra Perkasa, Arief Yudhanto

Singing: Zheng Mentian

Colorist: Max Chia

Publicity Designer: Catherine Chia


DROUGHT – Agnes Christina, Nathan Boenjamin, Richel T Hidalgo, Consulta Gian Carlo, Teresa Cua, Gayatri Devi Mishra, Sanjay Gautam, Giovanni Lombardo, Sofia Lombardo

FLOOD – Xiao Jing, Pacheun Maleipan, Zheng Mengtian, Sean Lee, Shawn Kiyotaka Fukuzaki, Shin Hye Jung, Kim Yeon Jung, Rattanan Channoi, Wazini Masmintrachaiyanara

Previous Screenings


International Film Festival Rotterdam (European Premiere)

Centre Pompidou Cinématheque, Paris

Barcelona Asian Film Festival

National University of Singapore Arts Festival


Hong Kong International Film Festival (In Competition: Asian Digital Competition)

Cinema Digital Seoul, Korea (In Competition: International Competition)

World Film Festival Bangkok, Thailand

Cinemanila International Film Festival, Philippines

Osian’s Cinefan, New Delhi, India

Q! Film Festival Jakarta, Indonesia

Contemporary Art Centre Vilnius, Lithuania

South Australia Contemporary Art Centre, Australia

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Director’s Biography

Sherman Ong is a filmmaker, photographer, visual artist and educator. Winner of the 2010 ICON de Martell Cordon Bleu Photography Award, his works straddle fiction and documentary and have been presented at the Institute of Contemporary Arts London, Centre Pompidou Paris, Martin-Gropius-Bau Berlin, Musee du Quai Branly Paris, Mori Art Museum Tokyo, Fukuoka Asian Art Museum, as well as the Biennales of Venice and Singapore.  His films have been in official selection and competition in the international film festivals of Hong Kong, Seoul, Singapore, Tokyo, Rotterdam and Montreal. A founding member of 13 Little Pictures, a film collective based in Singapore, he is currently developing his fourth feature film, BETOK (Hong Kong Asia Film Financing 2010, Hubert Bals Fund award).