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  • Two Fingers Imitating Legs Walking

    Directed and Written by Wesley Leon Aroozoo

    Country of production: Singapore

    Genre: Experimental

    Running Time: 9 minutes

    Music: Bani Haykal


    I have to be honest and say the months that followed weren’t my best. I was stereotypically grumpy. I had the whole slew of normality that followed with friends calling up and asking If I’m okay. Asking me out for a drink. Forget about her, let’s go out for a drink. Let’s go fishing. If there is anything you want to talk about, I’m here for you and other of the very sweet but utter bullshit. Bullshit like abled people coming into a crowded lift only to go up or down for one level.

    Then when you think the ordeal is over. It’s the time they share dessert with their tiny little forks.

    Directors Biography

    Wesley Leon Aroozoo graduated from Nanyang Technological University and is now pursuing his Master of Fine Arts at NYU Tisch Asia. In 2010, he was selected as one of Tokyo Filmex’s Next Masters. His short films, such as KISSING FACES (Rotterdam), have screened at over 80 festivals.




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