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  • Upcoming April Screenings from 13 Little Pictures

    Hot on the heels of our premieres in Hong Kong and Rotterdam, more upcoming screenings of our works will happen in April.

    1. Red Dragonflies will be in International Competition at BAFICI (Buenos Aires International Festival of Independent Films):
    10 Apr / 19:45 h
    11 Apr / 19:30 h
    12 Apr / 14:45 h

    A young artist goes back to Singapore from New York. She returns home, to old friends and familiar places. Not everything fits in. Memories and friendships are like roots but also like mysteries, and like such, they’re inexact, slippery, at times revealing, at times mere detours. Two teenage boys and a girl, all in their school uniforms, walk near a train track around an area of abundant vegetation; their gait is an exploratory one, charged with fears, amazements and new things (yes, there’s echoes of Rob Reiner’s Stand By Me) One of them gets lost. In that loss, and in the memories of a grown woman, there’s a sense of unease, a search, and the chance of meeting with the past and the people from it. A film of derivations with a subtle and singular sensibility, Liao Jiekai’s opera prima leads us to discuss the always hard to accomplish –even to mention– idea of cinema as poetry, which in this case is made of soft connections, juxtapositions, rhymes, and bars, that seem as free as necessary.

    2. White Days by Lei Yuan Bin will have its South American premiere at BAFICI (Buenos Aires International Festival of Independent Films):

    16 Apr / 20:45 h
    17 Apr / 11:00 h
    18 Apr / 19:15 h

    Dreaming of a trip to Taiwan but stuck in a city they can’t seem to leave from, three young people get together to create a friendship net that would save them from their inanimate loneliness. An unsterilized black & white image, with a documentary-like gray realism, provides the setting for a series of conversations and situations that have as much everyday nihilism as religious theories bordering the ridicule. With an overwhelming contemporary spirit, and a lucid pop art cinephilia, Tsai Ming-liang and Richard Linklater come together as explicit and essential references for White Days’ main characters, but also for its director, who combines the theme of young lethargic people engaging in sharp dialog –Linkater’s slackers– with the challenging aesthetics that implies taking a wide shot and creating a universe populated by Tsai’s vanishing point. Lei Yuan Bin’s film debut is one of the most promising of Singaporean cinema, which is quietly positioning itself as one of the more vital exponents of the continuing Asian renewal.

    3. In The House Of Straw by Chris Yeo Siew Hua will premiere in Singapore International Film Festival

    “A brave, complex, crazy, funny, weird, uncompromising coming-of-age film for the facebook generation.” –  Graiwoot Chulphongsathorn, NETPAC Juror and writer for Bioscope

    “Straw is one example of the more exciting things to come from the real New Wave that’s percolating underneath the mainstream.” – Mayo Martin, TODAY. Read his wonderful article here.

    The Arts House Theatre on 17th Apr, 4:15pm

    4. Memories of a Burning Tree will be in Asian Feature Film Competition at the Singapore International Film Festival

    With understated performances from non-professional actors speaking Swahili, the film gives a striking impression of urban African life without pushing violence, poverty or disease.” Ian Mundell, Senses Of Cinema

    Sinema Old School on 18th Apr, 2:00pm

    5. Two more screenings in Hong Kong too on the 3 April:

    RED DRAGONFLIES by Liao Jiekai >> tickets

    03 Apr 2010 at 7:15 PM at Hong Kong Space Museum Lecture Hall

    MEMORIES OF A BURNING TREE by Sherman Ong >> tickets

    03 Apr 2010 at 9:30 PM at UA Langham Place

    Though not a 13 LP film, Roulette City by first-time Singapore filmmaker, Thomas Lim, will also screen under the Singapore Panorama section in Singapore International Film Festival. Do check out this debut on 16th Apr, 9:15pm at Sinema Old School.


    News, Screenings


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