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Directed by Azharr Rudin
Writing Credits: Azharr Rudin
Producer: Azharr Rudin, Bee Thiam Tan, Elyna Shukri
Country of production: Malaysia
Production Company: 13 Little Pictures, gegambar
Genre: Horror, Suspense, Drama
Estimated Running Time: 90 min
Status: Development
Looking for: Pre-sales, Funds
Estimated release date: 2011


A family moves into an old suburban residential. The father (Lelaki) is depressed; the mother (Perempuan) feels that something seems amiss; their 6-year-old boy (Budak) stays out of school. In a game of hide-and-seek, Budak went missing.

Director’s statement

The local title of the film is GELISAH which may translate to anxious, restless, or nervous. The film may be a reflection of, my own restlessness at a certain period of time and place. It is conceived in a stream of consciousness manner of how I imagined I would have a conversation with the environment that these characters live in. I will not actually try to talk to it as if it is a physical being. Rather I will describe how it conjures a heightened sense of mystery, fear and imagination on me, in the primordial sense. I choose MATAHARI (Sun, Eye of the Day) as the main title as it may invite a different kind of interpretation to the film. MATAHARI is a companion piece to my debut feature PUNGGOK RINDUKAN BULAN (Moon). Sometimes I don’t feel comfortable with spoken languages, or maybe just the actual act of talking. I hope I can communicate to my audience, like I am the quiet stranger watching this film with you in a cinema theatre, that while I do not speak, we share secrets because we experienced something together. I want you to know I am beside you.

Director’s biography

AZHARR RUDIN was a pizza maker, web designer, contributing photographer/writer for a Malaysian music magazine, before venturing into filmmaking. His short film, MAJIDEE (2005) won awards at film festivals in Hawaii, Tokyo and Singapore. His “sophisticated experimental sextet” THE AMBER SEXALOGY a “…sometimes whimsical, often lyrical vignettes of longing and love” debuted at the 2006 Singapore International Film Festival. His films have also been featured in film festivals across five continents. His debut feature film PUNGGOK RINDUKAN BULAN (THIS LONGING) premiered at Pusan 2008 and has been described as “uplifting”, “poignant”, “mysterious”, “daring”, “astonishing” and “evocatively captures sense of liminality.” It was also listed as among the best films of World Cinema in 2008/09. His next feature film project MATAHARI has been chosen for EAVE 2010 (at Udine Far East FF and Pusan IFF).