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  • White Days by Lei Yuan Bin won second prize in Berlin!

    White Days by Lei Yuan Bin

    White Days by Lei Yuan Bin won second prize at the Asian Hot Shots Berlin! The casts of White Days are Vel Ng and fellow 13LP filmmakers, Yeo Siew Hua (In the House of Straw) and Daniel Hui (One Day in June). Fellow 13LP filmmaker, Wesley was also in Berlin to present his two recent short films – Mickey and Peep. He reports from Berlin here. This year’s Asian Hot Shots Berlin has a focus on Singapore Cinema, curated by Mathias Ortmann. Read his extensive interview on curating the programme on Sindie. Mathias also has a column in Sinema where he penned many passionate and intelligent writings on Singapore films. This is what he wrote when he saw White Days last year at the Singapore International Film Festival: “White Days is a quintessentially Singaporean movie. So much of the place is in its people talking to one another, especially where that talk is fragmented, filled with gaps and fuelled by reluctance. It should be very interesting to see how audiences abroad, total first-timers to the Singapore experience will react. Whether they can to some extent get past that first layer (or shield) of speech should help to establish the movie‚Äôs ultimate value over time. Overall, there is a tendency to overrate the film, which is an inclination only loosely related to its cinematic merits. But then again, it successfully turns an assumed weakness into an entertaining strength and for the individual portraits it features as much as for the approach chosen, White Days is an impishly enjoyable debut that is notable for being so relaxed; and this in itself is refreshing.” Read more here. Mathias, thank you for bringing White Days to Berlin. Berlin, thank you for giving it the Green Chili Award, voted by its audience. See other winners here. Our congratulations to them too and especially to the first prize winner: Agrarian Utopia by Uruphong Raksasad, whom we love!

    Agrarian Utopia Thailand 2009, Dir.: Uruphong Raksasad,




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