I Want to Remember


A man in an interrogation room remembers his time with his lover when the two countries were one. When the countries separated in 1965, his lover ended their relationship to follow her family. He remembers his carefree past with laughter and tenderness, disappointments and sadness, but never with regret.


Dato Rahim Razali
Foo Fei Ling

Principle Dancers

Mohd Hanafi bin Rosdi
Ng Xinying

Supporting Dancers

Mohamad Azmi bin Mansor,
Mohd Fauzi bin Amirudin, Mohammad Khairi bin Mokthar,
Mohd Nurulazmie bin Zanal Abdden


Written, Produced and Directed by

Sherman Ong

Director of Photography

Lesly Leon Lee


Mohd Hanafi bin Rosdi

Line Producer

Foo Fei Ling

Editor/Sound Recordist

Azharr Rudin


John Chua

“Lena”  Written and performed by

Azmyl Yunor

Produced by

Azmyl Yunor
Ariff Akhir 

Recorded at

Purple Sound Productions, Malaysia


Original title

I Want to Remember

International Title

I Want to Remember


26 min / Colour

Screening Format

HD Video



Year of Release



Malay, Mandarin



Country of production


Production Company

Studio Shermano,
13 LIttle Pictures

I am interested in our relationship with the past and with history, particularly how the separation has affected the lives of individuals on both sides of the Causeway.

I think the film deals with the past, and to be more precise, the memory of this past. It deals with different versions of History, as well as the personal histories of individuals who were powerless to go against the political tide of the times, resulting in a conflict between following one’s heart and the ideologies of that period. It is partly inspired by real events and individuals whose lives changed as a consequence of the events post-1965.

International Film Festival Rotterdam 2012

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