In the House of Straw


Over the summer break, Zhi Wen decides to move out of his parents’ house to live with two friends. After discovering that Ah Pin and Mark are professional bicycle thieves, Zhi Wen slowly finds himself entrapped in a strange world of vice and deception. A magical personality game they play will finally cause them to switch identities with one another. The film is the tale of the three little pigs set in the modern landscape of urbanized Singapore.


Zhi Wen

Daniel Hui


Eustace Ng

Ah Pin

Felix Huang


Lynn Chong

Sister (as Tian Low)

Low Xin Tian


Robert Yeo,
K. Rajagopal


Directed, Written, Edited and Produced by

Yeo Siew Hua

Produced by

Aaron Ng,
Kent Chan,
Tan Bee Thiam

Line Producer

Norainah Abu Bakar

Production Manager

JD Chua

Assistant Directors

Leon Cheo,
Vel Ng

Director of Photography

Aaron Ng

Art Director

Cain Chui

Costume Designer

Meredith Lee


Kent Chan

Location Sound

Lester Koh,
Wayne Xu

Sound Mixer/
Foley Artist

Lim Ting Li

Sound Designer/
ADR Recordist

Felix Huang

Music Composers

Benjamin Lim Yi,
Chen Chien Chi, Debbie Ding,
Felix Huang,
Giuseppe Giunta,
Mark Wong Wenwei,
Teo Wei Yong,


Original title

In the House of Straw

International Title

In the House of Straw


100 min / Colour

Aspect Ratio


Screening Format




Year of Release



English, Mandarin



Countries of Production

Singapore, Malaysia, Nepal

Production Company

13 Little Pictures,
Anima Films


Batch:ten, EQ Ward, Edit Lounge

“A Singapore New Wave that actually warrants the term because of the innovations made and not just referring to the ‘next generation.’” – TODAY

“Chris Yeo is a remarkably talented filmmaker…who wants to bring about a change by moving away from the melodramatic to a more self-reflective cinema. He seems to be saying that we have the freedom to intervene in the national cinematic discourse, and more importantly, we do not have the freedom not to intervene.” Professor Wimal Dissanayake, University of Hawaii

When I was younger, my bicycle was stolen. I was at once broken and intrigued. I wondered who the thieves were and how they lived their lives. It became real to me that they were friends whom, after spending so much time together, started to speak and behave like one another. The film takes the form of a surreal absurdist piece that is seen darkly through the futility of our young hero’s attempt of escaping his crumbling reality to seek refuge in the comfort of unstable identities.



Bangkok International Film Festival 2009
Singapore International Film Festival 2010
Sao Paulo International Film Festival 2010

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